How to Wear A Beret I

Berets are flat and soft hats that rose in Central Europe in the 19th century. Today people wear berets mainly for fashion, which can add a retro style to the whole body or cover up bad hairstyles. Berets are also an organizational symbol worn by military personnel. Read the different ways to wear stylish berets and the correct way to wear military berets.

Method 1: Match for Fashion Beret

Step 1. Buy or knit a beret.

Choose the color that matches your hair color or dress. Buy berets with tight brims to make them easier to wear on your head. Think about whether you want a fine lace beret for spring and autumn or a thick beret for winter.

Step 2. Adjust your hair.

Based on your pursue, you can wear a beret with any hairstyle. If you choose a bract, make sure it is high enough to fit into the beret or low enough under the brim. You can also tie a low side ponytail or two short pigtails on either side of your head. Wearing a hat loosely with a few large rolls was the most glamorous costume of the 1940s.

Step 3. Try different styles.

You can show your hairline or not. You can put your hair in front of your ears, or you can put them behind your ears. Find out which style is best for you. Remember, berets are traditionally worn diagonally. Enjoy yourself! Here are some specific styles for you to try:

Tuck in the brim of the beret, tilt it to one side, and wear it a little lower on the forehead. It’s better to add a short side bud or braid to the side without a tilt.

Don’t tuck in the brim, put a little hair in the hat to create the mushroom effect. Put the beret on your head, pull over your ears and lean aside if you like. This style will match fluffy straight or curly hair.

Use scarves or cotton or wool to cushion the front of the beret. Put your hat on the back of your head and let your hair out in front of you. Fix the back hair with a loose bud or tuck other hair into the hat. Making a finger wave roll or bangs will add a touch of retro air.

 Step 4. Decorate the berets.

If the beret looks too common, or if your outfit needs some embellishment, add a brooch, flower clip or hair to the hat. Bold earrings are another option. Choose what suits you best.

Step 5. Clip a beret in your hair

Fasten the beret to your hair on either side with a return hairpin. Once the beret falls off, it will ruin your hair and your entire grooming.

Step 6. Show your beret

 You can also speak French with a French stick if you like.




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