Berets Scrape up French Style

The history of berets dates back to the 15th century in southwestern France and was later used as a military cap by the army. Unique elegant retro and French style make it in the wind and clouds of fashion circle stand erect, has also become this year’s hot single product.

Beret hat originated from round corn-less soft hats worn by shepherds in southwestern France in the 15th century, and became the darling of fashion circles as military caps flourished during the second world war. From the old photos of the goddess Kate Moss,Marilyn Monroe to the spring and summer show of Dior 2018, it is not difficult to find the berets.

Berets are born with a rich elegant retro flavor, with a strange charm, can be simple and plain to inject a hint of French style. How can a beret be missing in 2018, when the retro wind is gaining popularity?

Grey is naturally high-level, gray Beret with rabbit hair texture and shining detachable needle, more noble and gorgeous, with a light pink dress or shirt, noble and elegant in the sweet romance of a young girl.

So retro and elegant, no wonder berets became the hottest fashion item in 2018. A simple beret can inject a bit of French style into your outfit. How can you miss it if you like the retro style?

The square face of the square face becomes small and compact in seconds. High-quality hat to create the fresh effect of uncompressed hair, hat before the hat, hair is still fluffy.

Super visual stereo full, natural simple and elegant, a variety of colors do not pick face, natural color soft, wearing comfortable hat shape not flat collapse, appearance soft waxy ,elegant and warm.

Three-dimensional beret, with a soft texture, the eaves of the elastic design, wear more close to the head, so that the hat soft and comfortable, whether you want to small fresh small art, or small retro can be controlled, flexible, can wear a wide range of.

Cap top raccoon hair ball embellishment, close detachable design, real hair unique hair tip effect, rich layer feeling more full. Classic retro flower elements, full of three-dimensional surface, visual hierarchy.

Style I : Berets & Cowboy Coats & Jeans & High Heels & Boots

Dark blue jeans with brushed, clean lines, crooked forehead trousers, slightly exposed ankles, and a pair of blouse, high heels, light lifting your body ratio, soft meat and cap pink cowboy coat, With pink fur on the edge and a dark blue beret at the end, a bit more elegant and a very British feel, looks very stylish.

Style II: Berets & Striped Sweaters & Harlan Pants & Canvas Shoes

Striped color sweater embrace stylish fashion, which looks particularly thin, under the selection of a pair of Harlan pants, and then choose a pair of canvas shoes, the overall collocation is not only comfortable but also very comfortable. With a lazy sense of freedom, we finally match a certain orange berets, with the body color matching clothes, looks very harmonious.

Style III: Beret & Sweater & Pantalon & Single Shoe

The sweater has its own lazy attribute, pink looks very feminine, the fashionable flat shoe, looks very casual comfortable, finally in matches on a beret to embellish your modelling, Solid-colored berets for the overall match played the role of the finishing point, so that the simple shape becomes more elegant lady up.

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